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Student Leadership Team

The Student leadership team at Bolder Academy plays a vital role in the school and supports students in the following ways in line with its values and ethos:

Being Brave: Providing students with opportunities to take on responsibilities, make decisions, and have a voice in shaping their school environment.

Being Strong: Engaging in leadership roles helps students develop a wide range of skills, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, and time management. Student leaders also serve as role models for their peers, demonstrating positive behaviours, attitudes, and values.

Our Student leadership team advocate for the interests and concerns of their peers, ensuring that student perspectives are heard and considered in school decision-making processes.

Being Kind: The student leadership contributes to the positive school culture and sense of community. Students learn about responsibility and the importance of contributing to the greater good.

Meet the Student Leadership Team

Shereen Baccar - Head Girl

What I like about Bolder is its welcoming environment that strives to help students achieve their very best.

As Head Girl my role is to help my peers by working with teachers to correspondent what they want and any help they might need whilst also helping Bolder Academy as a whole . 

So far in my role , I have worked with other sixth forms to inter aid each other and I have organised a student/teachers charity football match. 

Nevena Aleksandrova - Learning Prefect

I like that Bolder Academy supports us and provides us many opportunities in the sixth form. For example, the Sky public speaking workshops were really useful to me in developing my social skills. Winning award for best presentation boosted my confidence in presenting myself effectively.

My role in the Bolder Academy students leadership team is learning lead to support students in their studies.

So far in my role, I have asked around the sixth form and took note of students' opinions regarding how to efficiently spend their time during afternoon collaborative studies and what more can be done to help them.

Daniyal Khawaja - Sports Prefect

What I like the most about Bolder is the vast range of extracurricular sports clubs they have available (during and after school hours) and that they compete often against other schools. I also really like the sports facilities that Bolder has to offer, such as; a multipurpose area, basketball courts, an 11 a side football pitch, a running track as well as a gym. At Bolder, I am apart of the school council team and I am also a Sports Leader and Sports Prefect.

My role is to fulfill people's ideas, such as; a sports day,  mini sport competitions, etc. My role as a member of the school council is how we can try and bring the Bolder community a lot closer, by organising religious events such as Eid, Christmas and other religious events as well as trying to make the learning environment a safer and better place for our students.

One event which the sixth form leadership team organised, including me, was a collaborative football charity event, which consisted of many football games between students at Bolder, Isleworth and Syon and Brentford School for Girls, as well as teachers. We raised a lot of money for those in need. 

Gabrielle Osholowu - Wellbeing Prefect

What I like about Bolder Academy is how homely and close everyone is to each other. I also like how the teachers also put great effort into one's education.

I am the wellbeing prefect of Bolder Academy and so far I have contributed to a Diwali festival within the school, i have also taken feedback from sixth formers to improve their sixth form area to make it more comfortable for them. I have also helped external people around the school.