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Our Menus   

Every day our students will be offered a nutritious hot meal at lunchtime.  Accent Catering will be serving hot food and breaktime snacks.  All purchases are through our cashless system from funds loaded onto the Iris ParentMail App.

Take a look at the menus over the coming weeks. We keep these updated but please note that, due to supply issues, the menus may vary.

Weekly Menus

Meal Deal

Accent Catering

Brain Foods & Recipes

The human brain is an active tissue containing billions of cells, called neurons, which need a constant supply of nutrients to function and grow properly. Certain foods and nutrients may help aid your brain’s development, improve brain function, memory, and concentration.

We have put together this recipe pack with some fun and tasty recipes to feed your brain. 

Brain Food Recipes 

Red Nose Day Recipe Booklet

British Pie Week Recipe Booklet

Vibrant Food Recipe Booklet

Colourfuel Recipes