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Online Safety

Online Safety

It is important that students and parents understand the importance of keeping safe online. We teach students about social media and online safety through our PSHE curriculum every year and through assemblies. Below our some top tips for keeping safe:

  • Know which social media platforms your child is using and the age limits required for these
    • TikTok – 13 years old
    • Facebook – 13 years old
    • WhatsApp – 16 years old
  • Set up safety tools to monitor what your child is doing online
  • Ensure their social media privacy settings are secure
  • Regularly check your child’s social media to check which apps they are using, who they are in communication with and what content is being shared
  • Do not let your child talk to or ‘friend’ people they do not know so they do not put themselves at risk; they cannot be sure who is on the other end of a social media platform and whether this is an age appropriate person
  • Do not let your child share any personal information about themselves such as address, phone number, location, school
  • Encourage your child to tell you if they have received or seen any unkind or illegal activity and report to the police, teach your child how to block accounts
  • Talk about what is and is not appropriate to view and post online
  • Know and understand the law
    • The number of children and young people going to court for harassment, offensive comments and threatening behaviour is increasing
    • It is against the law to possess or share explicit images of anybody under 18, even if this is consensual
    • Future employees can contact searches on applicants social media which may affect their future careers

Further information can be found online including individual social media platforms:

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