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At Bolder Academy, our Geography curriculum is designed to develop our students into kind, strong, brave young adults where a Bolder future awaits.

The aims of the Geography Curriculum

The aims of the Geography curriculum are to:

  1. Develop a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people.
  2. Understand physical and human processes and the interactions between these.

How we deliver Geography

Bolder Academy follows the national curriculum.

Students are taught:

  • Human and physical Geography.
  • Locational knowledge by using maps of the world which focus on their environmental regions, key human and physical characteristics, countries and major cities.
  • Place knowledge in which students understand similarities, differences and links between places in the world.
  • Geographical skills including data collection and analysis as well as fieldwork.

There are four teaching cycles throughout the academic year in Geography. Through these teaching cycles students develop greater competence in using geographical knowledge, approaches and concepts. Furthermore, students develop geographical skills in analysing and interpreting different data sources.

Our Intended Impact in Geography

We will know if we have been successful when our students live and breathe our three core values within the Academy and beyond. When they demonstrate:

  • Kindness: By considering how human and physical processes interact and, understanding how this impacts us and our environment.
  • Strength: By making critical judgements on key geographical issues using subject specific knowledge, place-based examples and contextual data.
  • Bravery: By actively consolidating, extending and critiquing their own geographical knowledge and understanding, they are able to take their place in the world as global citizens.

Equally, we want to prepare students effectively for the current and next stage in their learning, whether this be GCSE or A Level examination, University study or the world of work.