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Bolder - A Year of Triumph

Celebrating Our First GCSE Results at Bolder

It's with immense joy and pride that we are able celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of our talented students who have recently received their GCSE results. These results not only reflect their hard work and dedication but also mark a significant milestone for the school, being the inaugural set of GCSE Results!

A Year of Perseverance

This year group presented unprecedented challenges, from adapting to remote learning to navigating the uncertainties of the pandemic. Despite these hurdles, our students demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination.

Outstanding Achievements

As a school we have performed above the national average and our students have achieved high grades across a wide range of subjects, the highlights being;

  • Our progress 8 score is above the national average
  • 14% of all grades were either at grade 8 or 9 and 26% of all grades being 7 to 9
  • 75% of the students achieved 5 grades that were 4 to 9
  • 39% of grades in Physics and 43% in Chemistry were at grade 8 or 9

Notable Achievements

We are incredibly proud of all our students results and there are some which require special recognition for their exceptional achievements. They include;

- Duru A achieved nine GCSE’s at grade ‘9’s and one GCSE at grade ‘8’

- Saayakee C achieved five GCSE’s at grade 9 and four GCSE at grade ‘8’

Progress and Growth

It's important to acknowledge that success isn't solely measured by grades. Many of our students have shown remarkable personal growth, maturity, and resilience, which will undoubtedly serve them well in the steps of their education.