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Y11 November 2023 Mock Exams

Bolder Exam Guide 

The Provisional Timetable

  • The timetable may be subject to change - students will be informed in advance of any changes.
  • Check the boards daily for any changes, seat positions, candidate numbers etc.
  • Students are expected in school during all normal school hours unless directed otherwise.
  • Students should prepare notes for revision sessions between exams, as laptops may not be available.
  • Some exams may finish after the normal school day and parents/carers and students should make appropriate arrangements for returning home.
  • Practical sessions for Art and Design, Art and Graphic Communication will be issued separately.
  • Individual exam schedules will be shared with students before the February half-term break.

Daily checklist:

  • Gates are open from 8.15 am and breakfast will be available for a good start to the day.
  • Students should arrive by 8.30 am at the latest to be relaxed and ready for exam lineup at 8.40 am
    (late arrivals may not be permitted to take the exam)
  • Coats, bags, phones, watches etc, should be stored and pockets empty.
  • Water bottles should be clear with no writing or branding.
  • Equipment should include: black biro (no gel pens), pencils, rulers, maths sets, calculator for calculator exams and should be in a clear, see-through pencil case.
  • Checks will be made outside the exams hall and during the start of the exam.

Timetable last updated 03/10/2023
Any changes will be notified to students in advance. Check for notices.