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Tutoring and Interventions

At Bolder Academy we aim to develop our students into kind, strong, brave young adults where a Bolder future awaits. We aim for all of our students to reach their potential, so as a result we provide a tailored intervention programme to meet the individualised needs of each student.

Year 11

Pupils in Year 11 receive targeted interventions twice a week; on a Wednesday morning for thirty minutes and one hour on a Friday. We use a mixture of both internal and external providers. The external provider is Manning, an approved partner of the NTP, and this provision is quality assured by staff.

Subjects which are delivered on a Wednesday
English Maths Triple Science
Double Science Citizenship Technology
French Spanish  


Subjects which are delivered on a Friday
English* Maths Triple Science
Double Science Geography Technology
French Spanish Art
Sports Science History* Health and Beauty**
Drama Portuguese  

* Delivered by Tutors from Manning Tutors    **An external company

The school uses several data points throughout the academic year to review student progress. This in turn is used to make decisions on whether a pupil should remain in their current group or whether a pupil would be better suited to a different subject.

Years 7-10

The Academy provides a range of other targeted intervention programmes for Year 7-10 students. The intervention programme is driven by the needs of our students. Examples of these interventions include:

· Subject Specific Interventions

· EAL support

· Literacy and Numeracy support

· Further additional interventions