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Being Bold Value Day – 11th October


We are delighted to be launching a Being Bold Value Day for all students on Tuesday 11th October. This day will be in celebration of World Mental Health day.

For this day (11th October), all students will not follow their usual timetable. Instead, they will take part in a range of exciting extra-curricular activities and challenges with a connection with World Mental Health Day. Below is an overview of the activities due to take place:

Being Bold Timetable

As such, the following uniform must be adhered on the day:

Year Group

Uniform/P.E. Kit

Year 7

P.E. Kit

Year 8

P.E. Kit

Year 9


Year 10


Year 11


Activities will take place at the Academy throughout the day. These activities will be delivered by Bolder staff or by external companies and organisations.

Students will collect rewards from staff for their efforts and will be logged as achievements throughout the day. For Year 11 pupils, these achievements may aid in completing college/sixth form applications in the near future. We will be checking for the following skills presented by students throughout the day:

The Principles - Skills Builder

Why are Value Days important?

These Value Days contribute to your child’s personal development during their time at school, enabling us to ensure they have a Bolder future.

Our Values

Students will also experience a range of opportunities linked to our core values: kind, brave and strong.




Opportunities for students to engage in activities linked to healthy living and their wellbeing.

Opportunities for students to engage in activities linked to the wider world we live in.


Opportunities for students to engage in activities linked to their future and careers.


These opportunities will aid in your child’s personal development.

Please ensure your child is familiar with the plan for Tuesday and encourage their engagement in the sessions for a Bolder future.

If you have any further questions, please email me at

Natalija Rnic

English Teacher, Lead for Value Days, Careers and PSHCE